One to One Computing

Technology Curriculum

 The technology standards provided are measured based on the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S).
At Dekalb Academy of Technology and Environment Charter School, integrating technology into classroom instruction means more than teaching basic computer skills and software programs in a
separate computer class. Effective tech integration must happen across the curriculum in ways that research shows deepen and enhance the learning process In our environment, as we attempt
to fully embrace the Constructivist Theory of teaching and learning, the integration of the technology curriculum that has been adopted will enhance the key components of learning: active
engagement, participation in groups, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts. Effective technology integration is achieved when the use of technology is routine
and transparent and when technology supports curricular goals. Integration of technology offers new tech tools for visualizing and modeling, especially in the sciences, offer students ways to experiment and
observe phenomenon and to view results in graphic ways that aid in understanding. And, as an added benefit, with technology tools and a project-learning approach, students are more likely
to stay engaged and on task, reducing behavioral problems in the classroom. Our strong emphasis of technology implementations also changes the way teachers teach, offering educators effective ways to reach
different types of learners and assess student understanding through multiple means. It also enhances the relationship between teacher and student. When technology is effectively integrated
into subject areas, teachers grow into roles of adviser, content expert, and coach. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun.
To read the full curriculum click here  --->   Full Technology Curriculum

Technology at DATE

All D.A.T.E. students in all grades K-8 will have their individual devices in classrooms to maximize and increase technology instruction and master the 21st century tech skills. DATE is unique in that we offer a mixed environment of devices throughout the school. 

Grades K-4 utilize Google ChromeBooks (Chrome Operating System)

Grades 5-6 utilize Lenovos (Windows Operating System)

Grade 7-8 Apple MacBook Airs (Mac OS)



With the unique technology school focus, all students should have access to a computer and the internet at home.  The minimum requirements for a home computer to perform DATE activities are listed below:


Display 11.6" (29.46 cm) display, 1366 x 768 px
Storage 128 GB SSD
Processor Intel Celeron Quad-Core Processor


If there are any questions feel free to contact the Director of Technology, Mr. Charles Allen, at