Grievance Procedure


DeKalb Academy of Technology and Environment Charter School has enacted the following Grievance Procedures as a guide for parents and guardians to solve possible grievance issues in the most effective manner. These procedures serve as a guideline. The following procedure will be followed whenever a parent/guardian has a particular grievance:


STEP 1: 

The parent/guardian is to set an appointment to meet with the teacher or staff member involved in the grievance. The teacher and/or the parent/guardian may request that the assistant principal/principal or his/her designee be present.



If the issue is not resolved, the parent/guardian may ask for a meeting with the Assistant Principal/Principal. Any person who is dissatisfied with the results of such a meeting may wish to complete a Parent Grievance Form and proceed to Step 3.


STEP 3: 

If the issue remains unresolved, the parent/guardian is requested to send the Parent Grievance Form to Headmaster/CEO, Dr. Maury Wills, or email at The Headmaster/CEO will intervene to address parent concerns and resolve any existing conflicts/concerns. If the grievance is not resolved, then the issue must proceed to Step 4.


STEP 4: 

If the issue remains unresolved, the parent/guardian is requested to write a letter of grievance addressed to the Board Chair. Mr. George Jones at: The Board Chair will decide whether to bring the grievance to the full board for discussion/remediation. If the grievance is presented to the Board, the parent/guardian will be asked to speak with the full Board to make a final recommendation. The parent/guardian will receive a letter with the Board’s final recommendation. The Board of DeKalb Academy Board of Directors believes that all decisions are made with the best interest of the child in mind. We as adults have the right to disagree, but the children are why we are here.